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Dfl Politics

MINNESOTA'S DFL TRIES A NEW LOGO - For a more representative fit.

CRYBABY MINNEAPOLIS MAYOR AND DFL'ER R.T.RYBAK - Continues to sabotage Viking stadium negotiations.

BUMPER STICKERS FOR POLITICIANS - So they can express their true feelings.

DAYTON, GOP SIGN BIENNIEL BUDGET - Compromise just kicks the can down the road. No guts from either side to handle the issues like adults.

A BIG THANKS FROM MINNESOTA TO . . . - MN House Speaker Kurt Zellers R-Maple Grove. We support you. Fight the DFL to the end!!

MESSAGE FOR MN GOVERNOR MARK DAYTON: - You shut it down, you own it!

MARRIAGE MADE IN LOONEY TUNE HEAVEN - When Al Frankenberry, DFL King of Integrity, weds Mooney, Butch Princess of the Moonbats.

MINNESOTA NOT SO NICE: THE DFL - You can't spell FAILED without DFL.

AL FRANKEN PART II - More political theft from Minnesota's DFL, which means Disenfranchising Farmers and Laborers.

NOT!!!!!! - Tom Emmer voted to balance the Minnesota state budget. DFL'ers get your facts straight - dumbasses!